In my academic research I study twentieth-century Venezuelan culture from the perspectives of world-ecology and the environmental humanities. I am interested in how cultural production mediates the flows of energy and capital that traverse the social body in nature exporting societies.

In my courses I expand this focus into Latin American and Spanish cultural studies to analyze how the making and unmaking of imperial relations, nation-building processes, modernization, and globalization, have hinged on ways of thinking, representing, and organizing nature.

In Caracas I was the founder and editor of El Salmón, a quarterly journal devoted to archival work on Venezuelan poetry, which won a National Book Award in 2010. Later, while living in San Francisco, I codirected the journal Canto, bringing it back to print after an almost twenty-year hiatus.

I have published the poetry collections Cuaderno de otra parte and Detrás de los erizos, and am currently working on two new writing projects.


Photo by Oliver Krisch